Welcome to a new shopping experience @ tubbii.com.

Our company comprises of several niches, we aim to provide all our services to the best of our abilities and to ensure customer satisfaction is met.

   We provide several niches for all our customers , clients , retailers and affiliates as well, yes affiliates are not left out.

Some of the services we provide are:

  1. Property sales (land, homes, apartments, condos, town houses, land for development, land for rent etc.)
  2. Sale and repairs of automobiles (cars, suv’s, luxury vehicles, auto parts, auto repairs, auto detailing, etc.)
  3. Yatch sales and repairs (engine repairs and sales, patching and painting, remodeling and all related things)
  4. Sales of house hold items (from kitchen ware to cleaning agents and plumbing services
  5. Sales of personal items (watches, perfumes, jewelry, clothing (designer and none designer) personal items for him and her.
  6. Electronic items ( stereos, cellphones, ear pods, televisions, blenders bar-b-que pits, electronic shavers for him, her and pets, electronic toys for kids etc.)
  7. Garden and out door supplies ( hedge trimmers, troughs, plant pots, plants, mulch, hay forks, and all out door supplies.)
  8. Home remodeling supplies and tools ( ceiling material, toilet fixtures, beds, living room sets, kitchen sets, bath sets etc)
  9. Food and supplies ( grocery items, confectionary items, dried and canned foods, wholesale foods , packaged containers and barrel filled with food items, etc)
  10. Sports equipment, ( indoor sporting equipment, out door sporting equipment, sports wear and protective wear, sporting vehicles like atv’s , bicycles, toys etc)
  11. Reading books ( hard copy and electronic publishes, audio etc,)
  12. Travel packages ( cruise ships, family vacation packages, Caribbean tours by certified world tour guides, hotel rentals and accommodations etc,)
  13. Rentals of banner advertising spots and packages
  14. Affiliate earning opportunities made simple and less stressful for all.
  15. Customer support grows as you help our company grow.
  16. Personal development (equipment, dietary, supplements, personal training videos etc,)
  17. Many more items for sale as we expand.


This business is founded on the principles of always putting the customer first.

We are here to build this company with you in mind, simply because, your satisfaction matters to us as we intend to deliver a dynamic service.

Your goals are our goals, we only build when you build, because you are the building block upon our foundation.

Our service agents are available to assist during our work hours.

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